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"Anemos means Wind.

We perceive the vibrations of the wind to be sometimes delicate, having a dream like quality and some other times dynamic and overruling, creating an unexpected vigor of freedom.

The vibrations of the wind carry the seeds of our past, present and future."

The nucleus of ANEMOS is Kostas Hatzopoulos (music-arrangement)and Katerina Nitsopoulou  (lyrics-vocals). Along with them there are several exceptional musicians of the Greek music scene contributing the special characteristics of their musical idiosyncrasy.

ANEMOS went public in 1998 when their first album "ANEMOS" was released by Warner Music Greece.

Ethereal vocals and melodies, rock elements, Greek traditional themes, renaissance motifs and unfolding memories from all over Greece of Epirus, Thrace, Crete and the Aegean, create a rare and original balance that harmoniously finds its place in the modern reality of today.

Their debut album ANEMOS is an inspiring collection of 11 songs and 2 instrumental pieces with an original and impressive sound. Their song Miazis me Fotia,  in the debut album, appears also in the cd Mediterranean Odyssey, Athens to Andalucia by Putumayo World Music 1999.

Their second album Thimata Irinis ( Warner April 1999 ) became an instantaneous success in Greece, constantly on the Top 10 of the Billboard and #1 or #2 on the Radio Charts all over the country with the song Tou Erota kai tis Fotias.

In 2000 their cd single Fygame, released by Warner, makes it to the top of the charts as the soundtrack of the successful TV series with script and lyrics by Eleni Zioga.

The third concept album of ANEMOS Isos I agapi  ( Warner 2000 ) contains the title song of the successful TV series “Athoos I Enohos ”, followed by the  cd single ANEMOS mix (Warner 2001) containing rhythmic remixes.

ANEMOS' remake of the old popular song Spasmeno Karavi with the voice of Dimitris Basis and vocals by Katerina Nitsopoulou makes an instantaneous hit with a golden cdsingle (Warner 2001).

In  the summer o 2001 ANEMOS tour Greece and Cyprus with the prominent  Greek artist Haris Alexiou and continue their appearances with her at the music scene of Kerameikos in Athens, in the winter of 2002.

ANEMOS is also involved in writing music for theatrical plays such as the Small Plaza by Carlo Goldoni for Kalamata's Theatrical Company and CableBound for the international theatrical company Scene de Loon.

In 2003 three ANEMOS songs: Grafeis, Tou Erota kai tis Fotias, Fygame are released in Japan by Zetima Records.

The fourth album of ANEMOS Kodikas Entos  was released by MBI in  May of 2004.

In 2006 ANEMOS released the remake of Madoubala,  original song by Stelios Kazantzidis, in the compilation cd TOTE/TORA – Original songs and their Remakes, by Minos EMI. Anemos contributed a completely new approach  to this old time classic.

In Dec 2007 ANEMOS Paradise  cd single is being released by PROTASIS, containing 4 new tracks. The song Paradise gets  an excellent air play in radio stations all over Greece and is included in the compilation cd Galaxy Sounds  by Galaxy Radio and Sony -BMG.

In April 2008  ANEMOS contribute their song Astro mou to the compilation cd Balkan Routes vol.1: Nikola Tesla while at the same time their track Madoubala is included in an ethnic collection cd by Nascente Records in England.

In May 2008 ANEMOS collaborated with the internationally known Serbian composer Zeljko Joksimovic contributing lyrics to the Greek version of the song ORO ( Ela Ayapi) sang by Jelena Tomasevic. The song  which is included in the cd ORO, was Serbia’s participation to the 53rd European Song Contest of Eurovision 2008.

In 2009 the fifth concept almum of ANEMOS Phi Chrysos Logos is released by EMI with the creative collaboration of the prominent Lyricist -producer Lina Nikolakop[oulou and comes live on the stage of Altera Pars Theatre Kerameikos in Athens 2010 with a series of innovative performances. The poetry of Dylan Thomas, Kiki Dimoula, Andreas Empirikos, Lina Nikolakopoulou, Kiki Nikopoulou, Giorgos Skourtis and Jalaladin Roumi interact with the music of Anemos and  the visual art of George Xenos. 

In 2010  Anemos produce the cd single Midaregami  with 4 tracks of  musical interpretations of Haiku and Tanga poetry of Matsuo Basho and Josano Akiko. In this project they collaborate with mezzo-soprano Kaoru Simizu who sings in Japanese while Katerina Anemos sings the translated poetry in English.

In 2016 they participate in the album Heliopotismeni by Stamatis Spanoudakis followed with several performances in Greece and Cyprus with full orchestra and choir.

Anemos has collaborated with several artists, musicians and lyricist from Mikro Polytechnio in Athens during live performances, workshops and recordings. They are now in the process of producing a Collaborative cd with these artists, to be released in 2023.

The latest project of Anemos is their sixth concept album EVRETRA released on 

February 3rd 2023. by Formiggart. 

In this project they follow the poetry of Kiki Dimoula, creating 10 original songs while they open up new landscapes for innovative musical explorations. 



Before Anemos became Anemos

The first album of Kostas Hatzopoulos ( music- arrangement ) and Katerina Nitsopoulou ( lyrics-voice ) before they formed their Anemos group is Blue Angel,  an LP released by Akti-Sony Greece in 1991. This concept album has  8 songs and 2 instrumental pieces.

Blue Angel is ground zero for Anemos.  

Is what they concider to be the reason why they are making music all these years. 

The tracks tell the story on their own:

Awakening, Blue Angel, Distance, Isolation,

East, Dreams, The Plains, Out There,

Human Trampoline, Endless Dance.

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